The Schoolroom at Armley Mills

Bring your class for a visit to the Victorian or 1940's classroom.



ArtForms Artemis is the artefacts and art loan lending service for children and young people. We provide a wide range of artefacts and original art for classroom teaching and learning, supporting delivery of the curriculum and enhancing the school environment.  We work with many partners, including Leeds Museums and Galleries, to create and support projects which bring creativity and enjoyment to the classroom. Find out more about the Artemis collection.

Artemis Collection

Unwanted items in your attic? Donations welcome!

We are always on the lookout for additional items to add to the Collection, so if you have any unwanted artefacts that you would consider donating, then please get in touch. In particular, we are looking for:

Prehistoric artefacts – Stone Age, Bronze Age or Iron Age

Anglo Saxon, Viking or Roman or any interesting metal detecting finds

Pre 1950s domestic items – toys, radios, telephones, cookware, fashion accessories and other interesting domestic items

Space travel related items –lunar landing memorabilia, press cuttings, toys, models

Crime & Punishment – items relating to the history of the police force, judicial system, prisons

Natural history – animal skeletons, taxidermy

Artwork – limited edition prints, paintings, photographs, sculpture 



The Schoolroom at Armley Mills 

 ArtForms, The Schoolroom, brings history to life by allowing classes to experience Victorian or 1940s lessons in role at a special classroom at Armley Mills Museum.  Find out more about The Schoolroom.

Children in Victorian Classroom